The Missing Bit

Open Source Sponsoring

I do my best to participate in many open source projects, and I try to make commercial projects I work on Open Source.

I truely believe in Open Source and that it should the default model for software.

Github sponsoring

If you want to sponsor my Open Source work, you can use Github sponsor.


If you want to buy me a coffee, you can donate on ko-fi.


For larger sponsoring, you may also use stripe directly using the buttons below.

Starting at 100 CHF you can become a sponsor for one of my open source project, and your name and logo can be put in the project README.

Use the links below for the payment, the amounts are in Swiss Francs and they are very close to both USD and EUR. Also, if you want an invoice, contact me using the email at the end of the payment process.

One time amounts

5 CHF 100 CHF 1000 CHF