The Missing Bit


Creating an elixir nif in zig

Zig is a language that has excellent interoperability with C, and for this reason, I use it a lot to interact with C libraries. I also use elixir as a daily driver for server applications.

In this post, I'll detail the step to be able to call zig code from elixir.

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CRC 32 on STM32l0

The goal is to do the same as zig's std.hash.crc.Crc32.hash(&buf) on STM32 hardware.

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Testing Zig for embedded development

I have been using rust as embedded language for cortex M MCU for a while.

While I like rust, embedded dev in rust has some friction, and a few things are a bit hard to do. Especially C interop and direct memory manipulation.

I decided to give zig a try, and while it is still in very early stage compared to rust, I was able to get a working hello world program quite quickly. And I was able to get RTT working with the SEGGER C library.

In this post, I'll share what I learned and a few gotchas.

TLDR: The repo is here:

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Configuring a Mail server on OpenBSD

As certainly many of us do, I use email a lot.

Currently I am using fastmail, it works quite well, but I have a few issues:

  • Spam filter is hard to tune to my exact needs
  • IMAP is slow from my location

In this post, I'll share how I configured my own IMAP server.

This is part one of two, which focus on IMAP.

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Configuring esbuild with phoenix and tailwind

This is a quick setup for phoenix 1.6, live view and tailwind for CSS.

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